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One Stop Mold Experts specializes in mold remediation, mold treatment and mold abatement in residential houses and commercial properties. With an experience of 10 years in business, One Stop Mold Experts are just the right people you need to take care of your mold problem.

Now you don’t have to look any further for a separate contractor for mold testing then another for mold remediation and a third for the remodeling if necessary after the mold treatment. 

One Stop Mold Experts will go through the whole process from state of the art testing, safe and professional remediation, as well as full remodeling after the treatment. Yes! We offer full mold testing, mold treatment, and mold restoration service all under one roof. 

Why Choose a One Stop Mold Expert?

One Stop Mold Experts do not use scare tactics. Neither do they overblow your mold problem. They simply deal with mold like real professionals. That is why our company is trusted in Los Angeles and beyond. Our services are top rated due to the state of the art approach we take in certified mold inspection, thorough mold testing, mold remediation, and mold abatement services. Here are some of the benefits you get from One Stop Mold Experts.


We Guarantee Our Work

While most homeowners are worried about the chance of mold coming back after treatment, we have a solution for that. Our team of licensed and experienced mold inspectors will test your home after mold remediation to help resolve any issue that might predispose your home to mold again. This way, we guarantee our work and take care of additional mold issues after the initial treatment.


Professionalism At Its Best

At One Stop Mold Experts, professionalism supersedes everything. Our business and operation policy does not allow us to take chances with your safety and that of our technicians. To take care of this, all our operations comply with the industry’s provision in law and ethics.In addition to having all our technicians working with proper protective equipment, we incorporate other safety measures like isolating the affected areas of your home to prevent the mold from spreading further. We are not just called experts for the sake of it. We trust the professional reputation of our company among all our satisfied and trustworthy clients.

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•We do not overstate your mold problem •We are fully licensed, insured and certified •We offer full mold treatment service save you all the time searching after different contractors •Advanced equipment and techniques •We offer you a free estimate •We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee •We work within your budget •We arrive and finish working on time

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