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One stop Mold Experts is a renowned company that is known best for providing excellent solutions for water damage restoration. We offer world-class mold testing services to ensure the provision of most effective solutions and desired results. Being an insured, bonded and licensed company, we are a reliable option. Moreover, our extensive experience and integration of state of the art technology make us a favorable choice for mold testing. 

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Indoor Air Quality Testing For Mold Existence

The rising air pollution is posing threats to your health. Not only it damages the outdoor surrounding, but it can also worsen the condition inside your home. For keeping the environment of your home healthy, it is essential to maintain the air quality. Extensive pollution can lead to mold growth. Besides, both the warmth and dampness are encouraging for its rapid growth.  Therefore, in case a pipe has leaked, or there has been some water damage due to any other causes, chances of mold existence are high. It can spread an unpleasant smell all around. Besides, the mold growth can generate an unhealthy condition in your home or business.  Thus, the air quality must be tested.

The mold signs can both be visible or hidden. Therefore, you need professional assistance for a thorough inspection. For testing mold, the most effective way is to test the air quality indoor, and that’s what we are here for. We offer indoor air sampling as a practical, useful and easily affordable way to confirm the mold existence. Once we know how bad the condition is, proper means can be adopted for mold removal. Without knowing the severity, we cannot help to eradicate it.  So, first you need to get the place tested properly, and once we find out the presence and spread of mold, the experts can also work to provide adequate mold treatments.

Visible And Hidden Mold Testing

You might be surprised to know that not all type of molds requires expensive removal treatment. Even some of the visible ones are also not highly damaging, and you may not need to rip out the floors, walls or ceilings. But, in some cases, taking drastic measures is essential.  Therefore, it is important to go for mold testing so that the actual cause of damage can be found out and proper treatment is done accordingly. For testing the existence and growth of mold at your place, we perform:

    Surface Samples
    Air Samples
    Wall Cavity Samples

Through these samples, we can help you to identify the extent of damage and the potential harm that the current condition can cause if not treated timely. Through testing the air quality, our experts find out if there are any mold spores in the indoor air. Our professional mold testing procedure is designed to find out the existence the airborne mold and measure the extent of damage that it can cause.

We incorporate groundbreaking technology and try our level best to find the extent of contamination so that right measures can be taken to maintain a healthy environment at your business or house.

Not only the visible spots on the walls and other surfaces are a threat, but the mold also has the capability to proliferate in undisturbed and dark areas. For instance, it can quickly grow under the floorboards, in crawl spaces and dark attics, and behind the ceilings. In such a situation, when there are no visible signs, the identification is not easy, and that is why you need our help. Through mold testing, we can identify whether or not the mold is growing at your place and guide you about what kind of removal treatment you need.


Latest Technology

Our team of well-trained, experienced and certified mold inspectors makes use of specialized tools to identify hidden mold. Our professional efficiency, state-of-the-art technological equipment and absolute commitment to guarantee satisfaction make us a preferred choice.

For all the property manages and homeowners who are looking for a professional and affordable solution for mold identification, we are a go-to option.  Take our mold testing service, let the team do their work, and you just sit back and relax. We will handle the rest.

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"Avi helped us out with the mold test first, after we got the results he explained them to me and my wife. We decided that one stop mold experts will do for us the mold removal and the bathroom remodeling we needed because of the water damage we had. it made it so much easier that we handled only one company that took care all of it for us."
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"Michael was so nice and patient, took his time to explain everything. he took mold test and air test in the bathroom where we had a leak. after 48 hours already we had all the results in hand."
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