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We do a full mold testing and indoor air quality test to water damage areas in an objective way.

One Stop Mold Experts Offering investigations related to water damage and mold contamination. We are able to do indoor air quality assessments and then produce for our customers report with meaningful recommendations.

Our Visible inspection is performed by one of our certified mold inspectors team members, Thermal imaging moisture and humidity readings are collected, sampling recommendations are offered based on your property condition and occupant concerns. In addition, we collect surface mold samples and deliver them to an accredited third-party laboratory. The lab results interpretation informs the recommendations will be offered for resolving the issue.

Our Mold Services


Mold Testing

We offer top quality same day mold testing service in the Los Angeles Area and the surrounding cities.
Performing a mold test with us will determine if the suspected area in your property has elevated levels of mold spores, and simply confirm the source of a problem. Our Mold Certified Inspectors will be glad to answer all of your questions and provide you a meaningful detailed report.


Mold Treatment

Upon your approved mold test, are you looking for a reliable and trusted mold remediation expert in the Los Angeles Area and the surrounding cities?
You can stop right here!
Our team of experts will provide you with the top solutions for all of your mold remediation and abetment needs. With us, you can be sure that we will provide you with a solution to your mold problem.
We 100% guarantee our services

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We believe in providing excellent customer service and excellent workmanship.
One Stop Mold Experts are all experienced and certified mold inspectors, We provide high quality service with reasonable prices and believe that to every mold affected area there is a solution. Our reviews from our clients speak for itself.

If you have any visible mold or suspecting any of your house area to be affected by mold don’t hesitate and call us. on the way to mold free there is only ONE STOP MOLD EXPERTS.  

John Doe
John Doe
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I called one stop mold experts to do for me a mold test around the tub area in my guest bathroom. A guy name avi was here and he did the test for us. after a day i already got all the results. I have to say he was very patient and very detailed regarding the report he provide me. Thank you one stop mold experts team for a fast results and for a great service.
Mark Tyler
Mark Tyler
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I have to say that we are very surprised with one stop mold experts company. we called them to perform a mold test for us and they did the test on the same day. after 24 hours they already provide us with a detailed report. one of the team member explained to us everything in the report.
Jesica Lauren
Jesica Lauren
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one stop mold experts team are very professionals and knowledgable team. they did for me mold test in the attic after i found my roof leaked. after the test i decided to hire them to do for me the entire project the treatment and the roof repair. they have been finishing everything on time like they promised and also passed all the city inspections. i am very pleased with their work and the fact that i had to deal with only one contractor for everything and not spending my time on looking for anyone else.